Fragrance-free, Natural Wax Outdoor Candle. Decorative Tin Can, for Outdoor Use.

Fragrance-free, Natural Wax Outdoor Candle. Decorative Tin Can, for Outdoor Use.

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  • Our candles are made with top quality, food-grade, fragrance-free NATURAL PARAFFIN WAX. They are CLEAN BURNING, POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE; the flame is VERY STABLE because of the very thick, wind-resistant (and lead-free) wick.
  • Tin tub with an intricate cover design - to REFLECT and MAXIMIZE LIGHT output, in addition to PREVENTING SPILLS and BURNS. Can diameter is four inches. Long burning and powerful outdoor candle.
  • Great for use on a patio, terrace, yard, by the pool or a hot tub. Natural and warm light creates a mellow ambiance for picnics, outdoor events, and wedding receptions (the label is removable). Candles stay lit reliably in rain and wind. They can be lined up in series to create dramatic effects. Perfect gift for anyone into camping, fishing, and all other outdoor activities.
  • Made by Candle Atelier. All our candles are always hand poured and contain no harmful chemicals, sythetic insecticides or pesticides. Made in Europe.
  • Single candle.

  • UPC: 661596728718
    Color: Transparent
    Size: Outdoor candle 4"x2" tin can - Fragrance-Free

    About this Candle:

    These candles feature an extremely thick wick that not only helps to increase the amount of light output, but also makes the flame steady and stable, even in light rain and moderate wind. A task that multiple-thin-wick candles simply cannot do. The candle has a wide base that prevents tipping, the plated tin prevent rust stains, as well as a decorative cover that prevents spills and burns while also serving as a light reflector. These candles will make your next camping trip or barbecue much more enjoyable.

    When it gets dark outside, lined up candles provide dramatic lighting effects for your outdoor event.